January 2016

05 JAN 2016 17:00 Lecture
“Sociology as a Vocation”
Michael Burawoy (Prof. of sociology, University of California at Berkeley; former President, International Sociological Association)
College Hall, AUB
Lebanese Sociological Association
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies

08 JAN 2016 Panel discussion
“The Crisis of Representation in Iraq”
Maysoun al-Damaluji (member of the Iraqi parliament and women’s rights campaigner)
Yehia al-Kubaisi (consultant for the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies)
Fanar Haddad (research fellow in the Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore)
Faleh A. Jabar (political sociologist and the director of the Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies)
Moderator: Renad Mansour (El-Erian fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center)
Carnegie Middle East Center

11 JAN 2016 16:00 Lecture
“The Naked Blogger of Cairo: Creative Insurgency in the Arab World”
Marwan M. Kraidy (University of Pennsylvania)
West Hall, AUB
Media Studies Program

12 JAN 2016 18:00 Discussion and book launching
“Entangled Education: Foreign and Local Schools in Ottoman Syria and Mandate Lebanon 19th-20th centuries”
published by the Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB)
Co-edited by
Julia Hauser (assistant professor of global history and the history of globalization processes at the University of Kassel, Germany)
Christine B. Lindner (historian of the gender and the Protestant community of Ottoman Syria)
Esther Möller (research associate at the Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG) in Mainz, Germany)

13-15 JAN 2016 International Conference
“Fragments of Empire After the American Century”
CASAR’s Sixth International Conference

13 JAN
Crown Plaza Hotel
Hamra Main Street, Beirut
Keynote: “Duress: Concept-Work and Colonial Presence Today”
Ann Stoler (The New School for Social Research, United States)

14 JAN
West Hall, AUB
Panel 1: The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement
Chair : Steven Salaita (CASAR, AUB)
“Understanding and Resisting the anti-BDS Movement in America: The Case of the Presbyterian Church (USA)”
Bob Ross (Point Park University, United States)
“The Buisness of BDS Backlash”
Max Geller (National Students for Justice in Palestine, United States)
“Occupation and Sanctions as Universalized Biopolitical Violence”
Sayres Rudy (Independent Scholar, United States)
“Academic Film Studies, BDS, and U.S. Middle East Policy: Toward a Critical Historiography”
Terri Ginsberg (American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Panel 2: Imaginings and Imperial Geographies
Chair : Waleed Hazbun (CAMES, AUB)
“Los Angeles / Palestine”
Esmat Elhalaby (Rice University, United States)
“Geographies of Exclusion and Dissent in Amman”
Jillian Schwedler (City University of New York, United States)
“Fragments of a Dream: A Transnational View of America”
Maha El Said (Cairo University, Egypt)
“Pieces of Us: Fragments of Empire, Shards of Home”
Munira Khayyat (American University in Cairo, Egypt)
Yasmine Khayyat (Rutgers University, United States)

Panel 3: Decolonial Visuality
Chair: Anjali Nath (CASAR, AUB)
“Visual Disobedience: De/Coloniality in the art of Benvenuto Chavajay”
Kency Cornejo (University of New Mexico, United States)
“Post-Celluloid Politics of Preservation: Hollywood and the World Cinema Foundation”
Samhita Sunya (English, AUB)

Panel 4: Reading Gender and Coloniality through Literature
Chair : Adam Waterman (English, AUB)
“Fragments of Power, Traces of Resistance: A Critical Reading of Rabih Alameddine’s An Unnecessary Woman”
Lisa Marchi (University of Trento, Italy)
“Coordinates of the Text of Colonial Haunting: Ghosts in Arab American Poetry”
Sirene Harb (AUB, Lebanon)
“1918, or Awaiting Self Determination in American Women’s Literature”
Crystal Parikh (New York University, United States)

Panel 5: Afro-Arab Solidarities
Chair: Kirsten Scheid (SOAM, AUB)
“An Alliance of Subalterns? The Transnational Articulation of Afro-Palestinian Solidarity”
Denijal Jegic (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany)
“Tweeting Black Power from Palestine—Or, Can a Particular Struggle have a Universal Dimension?”
Greg Burris (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)
“‘Black Folks in Babylon’: David Graham DuBois, Jazz Egypt, and Translating Race”
Sophia Azeb (University of Southern California, Department of American Studies & Ethnicity, United States)

Panel 6: The Interplay of History and Memory
Chair : Samhita Sunya (English, AUB)
“Suffusion, Mobilization, and Constitution-Writing: Religion and Politics after America”
Saul Allen (University of Michigan, United States)
“Goan Everywhere, Belonging Nowhere: The Neoliberal Migrant of A Girl from Zanzibar”
R. Benedito Ferrao (The College of William and Mary, United States)
“Bearing Witness to Commemoration: The Interplay between Local Inhabitants in Eastern Turkey”
Tsolin Nalbantian (Members of the Armenian Diaspora, and Internationals Marking the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide, Leiden University, Netherlands)

Panel 7: Graphic Encounters with War and Revolution
Chair : Hatim El-Hibri (SOAM, AUB)
“From time to time: images of revolution”
Iman Hamam (American University in Cairo, Egypt)
“Going After Iraq: Fragmented Disasters in U.S. Multiethnic Graphic Novels”
Joo Ok Kim (UC Irvine & University of Kansas, United States)
“Superheroes and US Neo-Imperialist Encounters”
Mounira Soliman (Cairo University, Egypt)
“Children of War: David Seymour’s Photographic Representations of Children during the Suez War 1956 and Post World War II”
Rania Abdelrahman (Cairo University, Egypt)

Panel 8: Palestine and Freedom Dreams
Chair : Sari Hanafi (SOAM, AUB)
“Is Seeing Believing: Challenging Zionism through Jewish travel to Palestine”
Emily Schneider (UC Santa Barbara, United States)
“Minus the oppression, this shit (life) is fantastic”
Maytha Alhassen (University of Southern California, United States)
“In Solidarity: Palestine in the Puerto Rican Political Imaginary”
Sara Awartani (George Washington University, United States)
“The Perfect Storm: Power, Profits and Generational War in the MENA”
Mark LeVine (UC Irvine, United States)

Panel 9: The Middle East through Transnational Media
Chair : May Farah (SOAM, AUB)
“Cross Cultural Dialogue for understanding Media Bias: Through Adolescents’ Eyes”
Hannah Gerber (Sam Houston State University, Department of Language, Literacy, United States)
“To “Our American Friends:” Kamel Mrowa, the Creation of The Daily Star, and the United States’ Imperial Turn in Postcolonial Lebanon”
Maurice Jr. Labelle (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Panel 10: Epochal Power after the American Century
Chair : Paul Amar (UC Santa Barbra, United States)
“Arab Uprisings and Race Riots in the US: Metropole and Periphery at the End of the American Age”
Michaelle Browers (Wake Forest University, United States)
“Cockeyed Imperialism in Arabia”
Sheila Carapico (University of Richmond, United States)
“‘Swagging at his pleasure’: Unmaking Racial Capitalism”
David Kazanjian (University of Pennsylvania, United States)

Panel 11: Imperial Education in the Middle East
Chair : Patrick McGreevy (FAS Dean, AUB)
“The Politics of American Education in the Middle East: The US Embassy, the Arab Cold War, and the 1974 Student Strike at the American University of Beirut”
Nate George (Rice University, United States)
“An Imagined America: Negotiating Identity at Syrian Protestant College during the “First Student Rebellion in the Arab World””
Lisa Arnold (North Dakota State University (Fall 2015), United States)
“American branch campuses in Qatar and the enduring power of metropolitan crisis”
Neha Vora (Lafayette College, United States)
“Impact of American Educational Institutions in the Ottaman Empire: Robert College and Constantinople Girls’ College in memoirs of Cyrus Hamlin and Mary Mills Patrick”
Zafer Parlak (Izmir University, Turkey)

Panel 12: Queering race and reproduction
Chair : Lisa Duggan (NewYork University, United States)
“Queer Returns: Chinese Jewish Studies and ‘America’ in Sino-Israel Relations”
Jih-Fei Cheng (Scripps College, United States)
“Black Amerasians as Human Fragments of Empire in Korea”
Kun Jong Lee (Korea University, South Korea)
“When is an Indian not an Indian? Garifuna Mothers and Children Across Borders”
Maria Josefina Saldana (New York University, United States)

Screening: “The City and the City”, a film about Ferguson, Missouri, directed by Mariam Ghani (2014)

Panel 13: The Political Economies of Imperialism
Chair : Sheila Carapico (University of Richmond, United States)
“Because M’: Racial Capitalism, Human Sacrifice, and the Political Economy of Inflation”
David Stein (Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, Graduate Center, City University of New York, United States)
“From Food Aid to Food Crisis: U.S. Food Policy in Tunisia”
Max Ajl (Cornell University, United States)
“A Sustainable Instability: The Political Economy of Wheat in Egypt”
Nadia Barhoum
“Political Economy of Financialization: The Global Food System as a case study”
Elsadig Elsheikh (UC Berkeley, United States)

Panel 14: American Education in the Middle East, 150 years on
Chair : Nadya Sbaiti (CAMES, AUB)
“The Student Lens on the Syrian Protestant College and the American University of Beirut: Students as Actors in Its 150 Year History”
Betty Anderson (Boston University, United States)
“Written on location: South of the Clouds and the intersectional relations of the Beirut College for Women during the mid-20th Century”
Christine Lindner (independent researcher, United States)
“A Room of Her Own? Najla `Izzeddin’s American Educations”
Ellen Fleischmann (Unniversity of Dayton, United States)
“What is Imperial about the American University of Beirut?”
Henry Gorman (Vanderbilt University, United States)

Special Event: The Guantanamo Effect: Index of the Disappeared
by artists Mariam Ghani and Chitra Ganesh

15 JAN
West Hall, AUB
Panel 15: Digital Cultures and Imperial Practice
Chair : Marwan Kraidy (University of Pennsylvania, United States)
“The Digital Empire and its Fragments: Games, Experience, Aesthetics, and War”
Ajay Singh Chaudhary (Columbia University / Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, United States)
“NASA, Empire, and the Digital Future for Black Women’s History”
Duchess Harris (Macalester College, United States)
“FlowNet: Transnational Investigations and Critiques of “Internet Freedom””
Lisa Parks (UC Santa Barbara, United States)

Panel 16: The Romances of War, Nationalism, and Security
Chair : Ayca Cubukcu (London School of Economics, United Kingdom)
“The Soft Power of U.S. Educative Empire: Securing Yale-NUS (National University of Singapore) College as an Academic Outpost”
Eng-Beng Lim (Dartmouth College, United States)
“Damaged Negatives: Akram Zaatari’s Queer Trans-Temporal Excavations”
Gayatri Gopinath (NYU, United States)
“Mental States: Diagnosing the War on Terror in Homeland”
Lisa Duggan (New York University, United States)
“Love and Cruelty: Desire for Police Violence and Fragmented Neo-Authoritarianism”
Paul Amar (UC Santa Barbara, United States)

Panel 17: Shrapnels of Empire
Chair : Greg Burris (SOAM, AUB)
“When Wounds Travel”
Omar Dewachi (Global Health, AUB)
“Political Changes through Medical Glasses”
Ghassan Abu Sittah (Medical School, AUB)

Panel 18: Shifting Geographies of Knowledge and Power: Palestine and American Studies
Chair : Elie Haddad (Asfari Institute, AUB)
“US Labor and Palestine: Historical Challenges, Future Possibilities”
Jaime Veve (Transit Workers Union, New York City, United States)
“Labor for Palestine: Challenging U.S. Labor Zionism”
Michael Letwin (Labor for Palestine, United States)
“Palestine and U.S. Feminisms: A Critical Reading of NWSA BDS Vote”
Rabab Abdulhadi (San Francisco State University, United States)

Panel 19: War and the End of the American Century
Chair : Omar Dewachi (Global Health, AUB)
“Conflict in Kirkuk: Chaos during and “after the ‘American century’””
Franco Galdini (The American University of Central Asia (AUCA), Kyrgyzstan)
“The Legacy of US Intervention in Iran and its Impact on the Post-Revolutionary Reform Movement”
Zahra Abbassi (George Mason University, United States)

Panel 20: Seeing: The Problem
Chair : Lisa Parks (UC Santa Barbara, United States)
“”When I look, what do I see?” Violence, the Capitalocene and Blackness”
Francoise Vergès (collège d’études mondiales, France)
“Make Scene, Let Die: Consciousness, Historical Geography, and the Machine”
Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Graduate Center, City University of New York, United States)
“The Bruise Blues”
Avery Gordon (UC Santa Barbara, United States)

Panel 21: Fragmenting Empires
Chair : Minoo Moallem (UC Berkeley, United States)
“”The Line is Always in my Mind”: Militarized Borders, Neoliberal Life, and the Possibility of Decolonization”
Crystal Baik (UC Riverside, United States)
“Fragments of American Empire in the Middle East”
Sima Baidya (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
“Witnessing Empire: Response-ability and Translation in the “Outsider” Testimonies of Jean-Luc Godard’s Ici et ailleurs and Jean Genet’s Un captif amoureux”
Suleiman Hodali (UCLA Department of Comparative Literature, United States)

Panel 22: Insecure Empire in the Neoliberal Age
Chair : Nikolas Kosmatopoulos (PPIA, AUB)
“Empire of Insecurity: Sovereignties, states and markets”
Inderpal Grewal (Yale University, United States)
“The Empire of Merchandise”
Minoo Moallem (UC Berkeley, United States)
“Sanctioned Freedom: Weblogistan and Gendered Liberation in Times of War”
Sima Shakhsari (Wellesley College, University of Pennsylvania, United States)
“How Neoliberalism Created Its Gravediggers: The Gezi Park Protests and the Transformation of the Turkish Youth from Neoliberal Subjects to Radical Agents”
Onur Kapdan (UC Santa Barbara, United States)

Panel 23: Infrastructures of Statecraft
Chair : Karim Makdisi (PSPA, AUB)
“Crude Power: Oil and American Statecraft, 1918-1973″
Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt (California State University, Stanislaus, United States)
“Phase “A”: Redesigning the Litani River, 1948-1955″
Owain Lawson (Columbia University, United States)
“The Eclipse of the US ‘Empire of the Air’ and the challenge of the Gulf Airlines”
Waleed Hazbun (AUB, Lebanon)

Panel 24: Traveling Theory: Decoloniality in the Global South
Chair : Alex Lubin (University of New Mexico, United States)
“History is a Pile of Debris: Extraction, Geology, and the Substance of Coloniality”
Adam Waterman (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)
“Towards an Arab Decoloniality”
Anaheed Al-Hardan (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)
“Slavery, Settler Colonialism, and the History of Black Anti-Imperialism”
Justin Leroy (Harvard University, United States)
“Decolonial Fugitivity”
Manu Vimalassery (Barnard College, United States)
“Non-sovereign Life: The Black Liberation Army and the Underground”
Eric Stanley (UC Riverside, United States)

Panel 25: Studying America in Fragments
Chair : Moustafa Bayoumi (CUNY, Brooklyn College, United States)
“On Demand and Relevance: Transnational American Studies in the Middle East and North Africa”
Ebony Coletu (Pennsylvania State University, United States)
“Toward the Sunset of Empire: George Jackson and Poetry of Palestinian Resistance”
Greg Thomas (Tufts University, United States)
“Transnational Studies, Local Knowledge: Reading Radwa Ashour Reading African American Criticism”
Ira Dworkin (Texas A&M University, United States)
“The Bright Lights of Imperialism Fragmented: Translating and Retranslating Black America in Radwa Ashour’s The Journey”
Michelle Hartman (McGill University, Canada)
“Between Orientalism and Westernization: Belly Dance as a Transnational American Studies Case”
Perin Gurel (University of Notre Dame, United States)

Transnational American Studies Roundtable
“Fragments of Empire after the American Century”

15 JAN 2016 12:00 Book Launch
“Development Challenges and Solutions: After the Arab Spring”
Edited by Ali Kadri (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)
Ali Kadri (Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore)
Samir Makdisi (Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, AUB)
Rami Zurayk (Chair and Professor, Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management, AUB)
Discussant: Tariq Tell (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies, AUB)
Building 37, AUB

15 JAN 2016 12:45 Discussion
“History and contemporary reality of Palestinians in Lebanon”
Speakers include:
Salah Salah (Head of the PLO Refugee Department)
Suheil Natour (Secretary General of the General Union of Palestinian Jurists in Lebanon)
Samira Salah (Leader of the Palestinian Right to Work Coalition)
Lelia Al-Ali (Association Nadja-Lebanon)
Building 37, AUB

19 JAN 2016 18:00 Conférence
“Mythes nationaux à distance : les enjeux du centenaire de Gallipoli entre Turcs, Arméniens et ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps)”
Philippe Bourmaud (Historien, Maître de conférence à l’Université Lyon 2/IFEA, Istanbul)
Institut Français du Liban
Les « Rendez-vous » de l’Ifpo

20 JAN 2016 17:30 Lecture
“Niha and Hosn Niha: A Mixture of Roman and Local Cultural Identities”
Dr. Paul Newson (Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology, History and Archaeology Department, AUB)
AUB Museum
Society of the Friends of the AUB Museum

21-23 JAN 2016 Conference
“The Arab Revolutions: Five Years On The Arduous Road of Democratization and Future Prospects”
Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs
In association with the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies
West Hall, AUB

21 JAN
Opening session
“The Arab Revolutions and their Development: The Public View”
Mohammad Almasri (Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies)

Keynote Lecture
“Orphaned Democracy”
Ghassan Salamé
“From Toppling Tyranny to Protecting the Democratic Transition: The Case of Tunisia”
Abdelfattah Mourou

Session titles
-The Arab Revolutions Five Years on: A Re-Reading and a Critical Examination
-Protest Movements as Part of the Arab Revolutions
-Media and Communications and the Arab Revolutions

22 JAN
Keynote Lecture
“Probing the Main Obstacle to the Arab Popular Uprisings: Can the Arab people topple the regime with the state in place?”
Gilbert Achcar

Session titles
-Arab Political Movements and the Revolutions: Roles and Transformations
-The State and Revolutions Containment and Confrontation
-Arab Armies and the Revolutions: Redefining the Roles”
-The Democratic Transition: Approaches and Questions”

Roundtable Discussion with a number of prominent young leaders
Chair: Fawwaz Traboulsi

23 JAN
Keynote Lecture
“The Challenges Facing the Arab Spring”
Khaled Ali
“The Political Theology of ISIS”
Ahmad Dallal

Session titles
-From Revolution to the Dilemma of the Democratic Transition
-Obstacles to the Democratic Transition in the Arab States
-The Stalled Democratic Transition: the Role of Social Institutions
-Regional and Global Polarization and the Impact on the Development of the Arab Revolutions

22 JAN 2016 09:00 Workshop
“Energy Finance in the Middle East: Uncertainties and Opportunities”
The 6th annual workshop by the Munib and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources
Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, Maamari Auditorium, AUB
- Regional outlook and country perspectives
- Country- and technology-based challenges
- Models of project financing
- Risk management and influences

26 JAN 2016 18:00 Conférence
“Aux portes de la cité : Tell feres et le monde proto-urbain en Mésopotamie du Nord”
Johnny Samuele Baldi (Chercheur à l’Ifpo – Beyrouth)
Salle de conférence de l’Institut Français du Liban
Les « Rendez-vous » de l’Ifpo

27 JAN 2016 16:00 Panel discussion
“Five Years, Three Presidents, and Two Parliaments Since January 25: Where is Egypt Headed?”
Hossam Bahgat (journalist and human rights defender)
Michele Dunne (director and senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Program in Washington)
Amr Hamzawy (former member of Egypt’s Parliament, and a professor at Cairo University and the American University in Cairo)
Abdallah Hendawy (PhD candidate at George Mason University who is an expert on Egyptian Salafist movements)
Heba Raouf (professor at Cairo University who has written on women and Islamism)
Moderator: Maha Yahya (senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut)
Carnegie Middle East Center

27-30 JAN 2016 Exhibition
“Annual Graphic Design Senior Student Exhibition”
Byblos campus, LAU
Organizer: Department of Graphic Design

28 JAN – 02 FEB 2016 Exhibition
“Annual Graphic Design Senior Student Exhibition”
Beirut campus, LAU
Organizer: Department of Graphic Design

28 JAN 2016 17:30 Lecture
“Why Tunisia is not Syria – a discussion of the Arab Uprisings: Transforming and Challenging State Power”
Eberhard Kienle (Institut Français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), Beirut)
Discussant: Waleed Hazbun (Political Studies, AUB)
Moderator: Sari Hanafi (Sociology, AUB)
College Hall, AUB

28 JAN 2016 18:00 Lecture
“Arabic in the Fray: Language Ideology, Language Anxiety and Language Policy”
Prof. Yasir Suleiman (University of Cambridge)
College Hall, AUB
Margaret Weyerhaeuser Jewett Chair of Arabic
Distinguished Lecturer Series
On the Occasion of AUB’s 150th Anniversary

28 JAN 2016 18:00 Séminaire de lecture
“Torture : aspects psychologiques et sociaux de la souffrance”
Coordonné par :
Hala Kerbage (Psychiatre)
Filippo Maranconi (Doctorant en anthropologie à l’Ifpo)
Séminaire de lecture «Sur le croisement entre psychiatrie et anthropologie»

29 JAN 2016 12:00 Lecture
“Armenian Genocide and Rewriting Middle Eastern History”
Dr. Vicken Cheterian (Webster University, Geneva)
Moderator: Dr. Ohannes Geukjian (lecturer in PSPA)
Jesup Hall, AUB
Department of Political Studies and Public Administration

29 JAN 2016 18:30 Lecture
“Architecture is a tool to improve lives”
Anna Heringer (honorary professor of the UNESCO Chair of Earthen Architecture, Building Cultures and Sustainable Development)
Architecture Lecture Hall, AUB



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