December 2015

01-05 DEC 2015 Exhibition
a photography exhibition of
AUB Campus Life from 1866 – 2015″
West Hall, AUB
President’s Club

01 DEC 2015 10:00 Conférence
“Final Dissemination Conference of the Great Med Project”
Campus of Innovation and Sports, USJ

01 DEC 2015 14:00 Lecture
“Enabling Sustainable Energy Utilization Through Advances in Phase-Change Heat and Mass Transfer”
Dr. Srinivas Garimella (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bechtel Engineering Building, AUB
Munib and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources

01 DEC 2015 18:00 Lecture and Discussion
“Media and the Protest Movement: Problematics and Alternatives”
Riad Kobeissi (AL Jadeed TV)
Foutoun Raad (LBC)
Rabih Barakat (AUB)
Charles W. Hostler Student Center Auditorium, AUB
SOAM and Asfari

01 DEC 2015 19:30 Conférence
“النبوّة في اللاهوت العربيّ المسيحيّ : بولس البوشيّ نموذجًا”
الأب ناجي إدلبي
Campus des sciences humaines, USJ
Un événement présenté par : Faculté des sciences religieuses
في إطار سلسلة محاضرات «ثلاثاء الكليّة»، في كليّة العلوم الدينيّة حول رسالة الأديان النبويّة: في سبيل الحقّ والعدل والرحمة والسلام

02-04 DEC 2015 Conference
“Lacan contra Foucault: Subjectivity, Universalism, Politics”
Center for Arts and Humanities
West Hall, AUB

02 DEC
“Cutting Off the King’s Head”
Mladen Dolar (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
“Capitalist Forms of Subjectivity: Foucault between Psychoanalysis and Marxism”
Johanna Oksala (University of Helsinki)
“Desire & Pleasure: Deleuze and Foucault’s Readings of Wilhelm Reich”
Nicolae Morar (University of Oregon)
“No: Foucault”
Joan Copjec (Brown University)

03 DEC
“Valuation and Enjoyment: Lacan and Foucault through Marx and Bataille”
Robert Meister (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Exchanging Memory: Reflections on Postwar Enjoyment”
Rohit Goel (University of Chicago)
“The Other Space of the Communist Party”
Jodi Dean (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

04 DEC
“The Absence of the Sexual Relationship: Invariant of the Species or Historical Phase?”
Lorenzo Chiesa (Genoa School of Humanities)
“What Comes After ‘The Death of Man’: Foucault and Lacan, Sexuality and Freedom”
Aaron Schuster (Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam)
“Biopolitics, Sexuality, and the Unconscious”
Alenka Zupančič (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

02 DEC 2015 16:00 Talk
“Yemen’s Civil Wars: Geneses, Actors and Possibilities”
Adam Baron (Visiting Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations ; Founding Member, Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies)
Program in Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA)
Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)

02 DEC 2015 16:00 Seminar
“Horizontal Sobolev sets in the Heisenberg group”
Samuele Mongodi (University of Pisa, Italy)
CAMS Seminar Room, AUB
Center For Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS)

02 DEC 2015 17:30 Lecture
“The Women’s Movement in Morocco”
Naima Benwakrim (director of the monitoring and protection division in the National Council for Human Rights in Morocco)
IFI Auditorium, AUB
Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship

02 DEC 2015 17:30 Lecture
“De la destruction a la reconstruction des sites archeologiques en Syrie”
Dr. Michel Al Maqdissi (Chercheur au Louvre)
suivi d’un debat anime par
Dr. Frank Braemer (Directeur de recherche emerite CNRS Universite de Nice)
AUB Museum
Society of the Friends of the AUB Museum

07 DEC 2015 12:00 Lecture
“Public Goods, Sectarianism and the Political Crisis in Lebanon”
Professor Melani Cammett (Harvard University)
Moderator: Dr. Carmen Geha (Visiting Assistant Professor, PSPA Department)
West Hall, AUB
Department of Political Studies and Public Administration

07 DEC 2015 16:00 Screening and Panel Discussion
“I am a Girl”
documentary by Rebecca Barry
Beirut campus, LAU
Organizer: Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World

07 DEC 2015 16:00 Lecture
“Maternal History of Distress and How It Can Potentially Shape Child Development: Knowledge Gained from Neuroendocrinological Evidence”
Andria Spyridou, Dr. Nat. Sc. (Clinical Psychologist, Scientific Collaborator, Lecturer, European University of Cyprus and Visiting Lecturer, University of Konstanz, Germany)
West Hall, AUB
Department of Psychology

07 DEC 2015 18:30 Book Launch
“Urban Design in the Arab World: Reconceptualizing Boundaries”
Edited by Robert Saliba
Architecture Lecture Hall, AUB
Graduate Programs in Urban Planning, Policy and Design (MUPP-MUD) at the Department of Architecture and Design (FEA-AUB)

08 DEC 2015 17:00 Lecture
“Absence: The Manifestations of a Recollected Presence”
May Muzaffar (Iraqi poet, art critic, and translator)
West Hall, AUB
Department of English
Anis Makdisi Program in Literature
Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies

08 DEC 2015 17:00 Panel Discussion
“Syrian Refugees in the West: A Conversation with Ambassadors of the EU Delegation, Germany, Greece, Italy and Canada, and a Senior UNHCR Representative”
IFI Auditorium, AUB
Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs

08 DEC 2015 18:00 Lecture
“The Artist as an Impregnated Witness?”
Saleh Barakat
Beirut campus, LAU
Organizer: Department of Fine Arts and Foundation Studies

08 DEC 2015 18:00 Presentations and Discussion
“Black Palestinian Solidarity”
“The Evolution of Solidarity in the Ferguson-Gaza Era”
Kristian Bailey
“From Bil’in to Baltimore: Settler Colonialism and Reciprocal Solidarity”
Ajamu Baraka
“African American Mass Support for Palestine vs. the Black Mis-leadership Class”
Glen Ford
Moderated by: Rania Masri (Associate Director, Asfari Institute for Civil society and Citizenship)
West Hall, AUB
Asfari Institute for Civil society and Citizenship, AUB

08 DEC 2015 18:00 Conférence
“Le complexe de Khirbat al-Dūsaq (Jordanie): résultats des premières campagnes de fouilles”
Elodie Vigouroux (Chercheuse à l’Ifpo Beyrouth, historienne et archéologue, spécialiste du Proche-Orient médiéval, elle co-dirige la mission archéologique de Khirbat al-Dūsaq (Jordanie))
Institut français du Liban
Les « Rendez-vous » de l’Ifpo

08 DEC 2015 19:30 Conférence
“هويّة الكنائس الشرقيّة الكاثوليكيّة”
الأب ميشال جلخ
Campus des sciences humaines, USJ
Un événement présenté par :
Centre de Recherches et de Publications de l’Orient Chrétien
Faculté des sciences religieuses
Institut de lettres orientales
في إطار اللقاءات الثقافيّة للعام الجامعي 2015-2016 التي يُنظمها معهد الآداب الشرقيّة ومركز الشرق المسيحيّ للبحوث والمنشورات

09 DEC 2015 09:30 Talk
“Hanan Al-Cinema: Affections for the Moving Image”
Dena Wosk Professor Laura Marks (visiting from Simon Fraser University)
West Hall, AUB
Department of English and Media Studies

09 DEC 2015 12:00 Lecture
“Social Movement Learning and the Intellectual Work of Activism”
Dr. Aziz Choudry (associate professor, the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University)
Beirut campus, LAU
Organizer: Department of Social Sciences

09 DEC 2015 16:00 Lecture
“Teach for Lebanon”
Teach for Lebanon is a Lebanese NGO that aims to eliminate educational inequality in Lebanon
Beirut campus, LAU
Organizer: Department of Education

09 DEC 2015 17:00 Lecture
“The Islamic State: Why is it the most dangerous phenomenon in the region and what are the challenges to beating it?”
Abdel Bari Atwan (journalist)
IFI Auditorium, AUB
Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs
Nadim Makdisi Memorial Fund Annual Lecture

09 DEC 2015 18:30 Lecture
“Calling all Creatives, Coders, and Thinkers”
Mira Kaddoura
Architecture Lecture Hall, AUB
Department of Architecture and Design

10 DEC 2015 15:00 Lecture
“A Brief Look at Animation in Lebanon”
Pixel for Thought, a small animation and design studio
Beirut campus, LAU
Organizer: Department of Design

10 DEC 2015 16:00 Lecture
“Growth and characterization of silicon and germanium nanostructures”
Dr. Mahmoud Israel (Institute of Physics of Rennes (IPR), France)
Emile Bustani for Physics, AUB
Physics Department

10 DEC 2015 18:00 Présentation d’ouvrage
“1860 : Histoires et mémoires d’un conflit”
Modérateur: Naila Kaidbey
Dima de Clerck
Souad Slim
Naël Abou Chakra
Salon du livre arabe – Biel

14 DEC 2015 18:00 Séminaire
“Perception, relation à l’environnement et image embarquée : recherches en cours à Beyrouth et à Lyon”
Denis Cercle (Maitre de conférences en anthropologie à l’Université Lumière Lyon 2 et membre du laboratoire EVS (Environnement, Ville et Société / UMR 5600, Lyon))
Séminaire de l’observatoire urbain du Proche-Orient

15 DEC 2015 14:00 Lecture
“Nanophotonics: Towards large-scale facile nanofabrication”
Dr. Roy Aad (Laboratoire de Nanophotonique et d’Instrumentation Optique. Université de technologie de Troyes (UTT), Troyes, France)
Physics Building (Emile Bustani Hall), AUB
Physics Department

15 DEC 2015 18:00 Conférence
“Perspectives de recherches en épigraphie arabe”
Frédéric Imbert (Directeur du Département scientifique « Etudes arabes, médiévales et modernes » à l’Ifpo)
Institut français du Liban
Les « Rendez-vous » de l’Ifpo

15 DEC 2015 18:00 Public research seminar
“Sacred Trash in Medieval Damascus: New 6th/12th- 7th/13th-century Documents from the Qubbat al-khazna”
Konrad Hirschler (Professor of Middle Eastern History at SOAS, University of London)

16-17 DEC 2015 Colloque
Inauguration du Centre de soins psychologiques suivie d’un colloque sur les pratiques psychologiques en milieu institutionnel
Campus des sciences médicales, USJ
Un événement présenté par : Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines

16 DEC 2015 16:00 Colloque
“Middle East Politics Featuring”
Karim Bitar
Jana Jabbour
Rami Khouri
Campus des sciences sociales, USJ
Un événement présenté par : Institut des sciences politiques

17 DEC 2015 11:00 Presentation
“The Fallacy of Spam Reviews”
Dr. Wael Jabr (Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business)



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